Cookie Policy

Cookies are plain text files containing small amounts of anonymous information that are created and stored on your computer or device when you visit a website.

  1. What types of cookies are set?

We use cookies for many reasons; primarily to personalise content so that you see products which are relevant to you and to speed up processes such as logging in checking out.

We also use cookies to provide us with feedback about how people use our website so that we can improve the customer experience. You can see a full list of cookies and choose which ones you or by clearing your cookies and setting your preferences in our cookie consent manager next time you access the website.

  1. How long they persist on your user’s browser

Cookies will be stored in your browsers memory for 12 months or until you clear your cookies. To clear your cookies go to your browser settings and remove the cookies you no longer wish to have stored.

  1. What data they track/the categories of personal information collected

Each cookie has a different function and you can see which category each cookie falls in to by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. We categorise cookies into 3 types:

  • Essential: These cookies are essential to the proper functioning of the website. They are first party cookies which means we do not share any information with other organisations.
  • Functional: These cookies are about site performance and utility. Allowing these cookies will improve your experience of the site for example by allowing access to live chat.
  • Social media and Advertising: These cookies are related to social features like sharing products to your social networks. Cookies in this category are also related to advertisers to tell advertisers about your shopping preferences so that they can show you relevant products in the future.

We use cookies to store the settings you choose relating to language, country and currency and we also store information such as recently viewed products and products which you have added to your basket, but these cannot be used to identify you personally. Personal information you share with us is stored in the ‘My Account’ section but this is not stored in cookies. For a more comprehensive list of information which we store, see our privacy policy.

  1. Where the data is sent and with whom it is shared/which third parties it is shared with.

By clicking on the button below you can see all of the cookies on our website and which third parties we use to improve our service. You can see the company which the cookie is related to and the domain, should you want to see more details about who that third party is.

  1. Offsite Navigation

Please note that, should you follow a link which takes you off the JAC’s Electric Bikes website, the cookie policies of the external site(s) will apply and may differ from the JAC’s Electric Bikes cookie policy as set out in our privacy policy.